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The training staff at Hartman Farms have the ability to bring a young horse to its full potential, or to polish an older horse. The training program consists of sound basics so the horse is able to succeed.

Training also includes lessons with the trainer in order to provide a full education on the horse and its program. Lessons are unlimited when a horse is in training; these lessons must be scheduled with the trainer in advance.

The Hartmans have the knowledge and expereince to assist a rider and his or her horse in becoming a winning team, whether that is in the show pen or as a successful trail or pleasure horse.

If you and your horse are not interested in a show career, we have a unique training plan that can help develop your ranch or trail horse into the perfect companion for daily work or pleasure riding. Our training program will give your horse daily consistency learning how to work cattle, handle river crossings, and other trail obstacles. We welcome your participation and involvement in your horses’ training, so feel free to drop in and learn with your horse. Our facilities include a large, indoor arena, two outdoor arenas, a round pen, over 1,400 acres and more to provide a well-rounded training atmosphere for your horse.

Hartman Farms offers spacious stalls for indoor boarding. In addition, pasture boarding is available for retired horses, or those who live best outside. The facilities available include: an insulated indoor arena for comfortable year-round riding, two outdoor arenas, a round pen, several pastures, a heated wash rack, a heated/air conditioned office and viewing lounge, and tack rooms. The large, box stalls provide comfort for your horse.

As a boarder, you are given access to the facility at times that fit your schedule. Feed and stall cleaning are included. Turnout is available upon request.

Hartman Farms' boarding is set apart from others because of the over 1,400 acres and 8 miles of trails that are available. The beautiful scenery offers open space, shady picnic spots, muliple creek/James River crossings, and lots of space to enjoy from the back of your horse.

The atmosphere at the barn is one of support and acceptance. No matter your horse's background and your future goals, you will find a spot at Hartman Farms. The amenities available to both you and your horse will give you a fun, safe, social, and ideal spot to work and ride.

The facilities available at Hartman Farms are a perfect place for your retired equine friend to enjoy.



Boarding and Training

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