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Lessons and Camps

Lessons and Camps

Hartman Farms offers weekly riding lessons for all ages and ability levels of riders. Whether you are just starting out, are interested in buying your own horse, are getting back in the saddle after many years, or are seeking to achieve specific goals, Hartman's can assist you.

Our lessons are given by highly-qualified and experienced instructors. Both western and English instruction is available on experienced horses who can assist in the instruction process.

All lessons include grooming and saddling your horse, an hour in the saddle, and cooling off the horse post-ride.

In addition to a large, insulated indoor arena, Hartman Farms also offers two outdoor arenas, a round pen, and over 1,000 acres of trails.

Please note: Helmets are required for all lessons; students must provide their own helmets.Customers may only take advantage of one "daily deal" opportunity through the year.

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